Sbp: professions at your service

Useful services tailored to individual needs. Whatever the size of your business and area of activity, Sbp can take charge of its accounting, social, fiscal and administrative management.

Accounting and delegated management

Accounting obligations and tax returns, audits, internal controls, data input, logistical and financial advice etc. Our experts will help you optimise your business operations and will ensure the quality and reliability of accounting and financial information.

Our staff can be seconded to your company but you can also opt for an outsourced management. We will provide you personalised monitoring and advise you on how to choose appropriate information systems.

Payroll and human resources

Drawing up of employment contracts, issuance of pay slips, solutions for your social obligations etc. An efficient outsourced payroll and human resources management avoids malfunctions and maximizes costs while ensuring a quality relationship between the company and its employees.

Sbp has the necessary technical and human resources for a reliable processing of your transactions. Our teams will drill you on the current regulatory and legal aspects of labour law.

Statutory audit and auditorship

Legal and contractual certification of financial statements of the company: Sbp staff will offer you their specialised knowledge. Sbp banks on the quality of information systems

and internal control procedures to deliver expertise that can deal with the evolution and complexity of regulations on financial security.