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What is an ERP?

An ERP is a unique and global system coordinating all the activities of the company.
This information system alone, can manage all operations such as procurement and sales processes, human resources management as well as monetary flow.

ERP optimises the horizontal organisation of the company and reduces administrative operations. The company thus gains in efficiency, time and has a greater control of costs, allowing it to focus its financial and human resources on its main field of activity.


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The Business ByDesign solution

Until now, ERPs were reserved for big structures. Their implementation was complex and costly making them inaccessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since 2008, Sbp has been researching and studying available offers and their evolutions in Europe and the US. We have operationally tested available solutions. Our selection criteria was guided by aspects of practicality, security, ease to use. Functioning in SaaS mode and the search for costs in line with the resources of small and medium-sized enterprises were prerequisites in our selection.

From 2010, Sbp chose SAP Business ByDesign to support the development of its clients.

This choice is a solution that meets the specific needs of SMEs, while allowing them to use their scale of services previously accessible solely to large companies. With SAP Business ByDesign functioning in SaaS mode, there is no need to buy licences or even install applications. Companies simply subscribe and use the management system like a service; by selecting features useful to its activities.

Thus SAP Business ByDesign allows our clients to offer their companies cutting edge technology that will provide them with the best management tools required for their growth and development.

Know more about Business ByDesign

Sbp, partner of SAP

Our know-how in supporting our clients to implement ERPs has been recognised by SAP. Since September 2010, SBP was chosen by SAP to become SAP Business ByDesign partner. We can assist you in your reflection and in the implementation of Business ByDesign.

Our chartered accountant profession and our business knowledge allows us to effectively implement ERP on a daily basis. We offer you technical solutions adapted to your growth.